Ashtanga Yoga Athens

(Monastiraki– Athens – Greece)

Porta Pandana

Empanada, or simply Panda, was a goddess of Ancient Rome. Her name derives from the Latin root “pandere” (to open, to share and means “The Open Gate). Her temple was situated at the Capitol Hill, close to the gate that was named Porta Pandana, in her honor. Her temple was always open, and it offered shelter and hospitality to those in need of food and roof. Essential ingredient to this form of hospitality was the strong bond between host and guest.

Ashtanga Yoga Athens was founded by Aris Kapetanakis. He possesses a deep knowledge of the essence of Practice and the Art of Ashtanga Yoga, and through his teaching he strives to communicate and inspire the passion for a disciplined form of Practice.

Aris Kapetanakis

Aris is founder & director of Porta Pandana, (Ashtanga Yoga shala in Athens). As a devoted practitioner of the Ashtanga Yoga method himself over the years he learned from various teachers. He is studying under the guidance of Tim Miller as his primary teacher.

He is authorized Level 2 by Manju P. Jois as well as authorized to teach Nadi Shodana Pranayama. Therefore Aris is part of the lineage of teachers of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.

For 15 years he has been practicing Aikido (Birankai International) and Zazen with Jenny Flower sensei in the Athens Aikido Dojo. He has been an uchideshi (live in student) in San Diego Aikido Dojo under the guidance of T.K Chiba Sensei. Over the years, Aris has attended numerous Sesshin (intense Meditation Seminars) and he is 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner.

Starting in 2012 Aris has been offering retreats, workshops and Teacher Trainings in  Greece ( Athens, Kithira and Crete), Germany ( Berlin, Stuttgart and Freiburg) , Finland, Brussels and Budapest, sharing his knowledge and experience in a way that results in a broader and deeply inspiring teaching.